Traditional Romanian sweet bread


Cozonac is a traditional Romanian sweet bread related to many fruit bread varieties across Central Europe, the Balkans and towards the Middle East. This brioche like sweet bread, used for Easter and for all major celebrations by Romanians, is  a fantastic match to chocolate milk, coffee and tea. Flavoured with vanilla, rum, orange or lemon zest and accompanied by dried fruits, Turkish delight, poppy seeds or different nuts, the famous Cozonac used to be grandma’s best kept secret.

Cuisines in Russia, Lithuania, Romania, Ukraine or Poland and probably all across  the Eastern Europe feature a cheesecake they call Paska, a word suggesting the pascal (Easter) celebrations. The cake is not very different from its western baked varieties but the difference is made by the different cheeses and flavours used in each country. The sweet cheese cake is nowadays the Europe`s everyday guilty pleasure.

Once the harvest’s most awaited glory, the humble Apple Pie is one of the most desired and  consume desserts through out the year. A perfect ‘comfort food’ item, the apple crumble, pie or cake spiced with cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla or ginger is always a star of the show.

Marble cake filled with a generous mix of walnuts, cocoa, raisins and turkish delight

Vanilla tart with blueberries

Leavened dough with walnut filling

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